2019 Update from Pat

G'day everyone!!

Ok so I'd like to officially confirm our SVA Initiative is back in play, following the announcement of new owners last week.

To bring you all up to speed with where we stand currently and to put some cards on the table for all to see:

1. I've e-mailed the club to advise them of our stance.

2. I'm over in the UK for a month as of 7 June - I'm hoping to meet with some key people to help us progress with our goal targets for 2019.

3. Now is a great opportunity to throw our support behind Carol and Kevin and raise our profile whilst we're at it! I've asked for contact details and I'm hoping for a meeting whilst I'm over in England.

4. Fundraiser - we're looking at a potential golf day involving current (and former) Vale players. The difficulty is we're yet to confirm a manager and playing squad, so watch this space.

5. Donations - I'd like to encourage EVERYONE (where possible) to start donating to our cause. I'll be throwing £100 in to kick things off - I'll do it in an official manner (hopefully) as part of a press release too!

I'd also love to hear all of YOUR ideas - nothing is stupid or unrealistic to me. I want to put everything on the table when I meet with the club (all being well), so we have as much weight behind us as possible.

Thanks for reading,